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How my children freed me from the Perfect Mom syndrome.

If you look at my social media posts, you are going to see my timeline inundate with

pictures of my children. They are my daily inspiration. In the last 10 years of Motherhood I have learned to enjoy every aspect of their personality. I have listened and learned from their innate wisdom and loving character. I have cried, I have laughed, and I have prayed. Being a Mom comes with some expectations. Usually, our own expectations to be perfect, and the daily guilt when we are not. I have been affected but why I called the perfect mom syndrome . The perfect mom syndrome is a combination of the expectation to be perfect and the ongoing guilt of not being good enough.

Last Monday I was in an epic battle with mom guilt. I woke up sick with a migraine. How I dare to be sick on a Monday when I am supposed to be working and schooling my children? I am mom, we don't get sick. During my first attempt to apologize to my children for being sick, my oldest daughter told me: Mom it is okay to be sick, you need to rest. My littlest one put touch my face and told me: We are okay, just rest. In that moment, I was free from my ridiculous expectations, I was free from my insane guilt, I was free from perfection.

Being a good mom means providing love, support, and security to our children. It is teaching them that Mom is a human with flaws and great strengths. Motherhood is a journey of emotional and spiritual grow, not about Pinterest like expectations. It is about cultivating loving relationships with our children, teaching them to be compassionate and faithful. Motherhood is about love, and love is not perfect. It is messy, sticky, and honest. Next time you are haunted by the perfect mom syndrome remember that: Mom, you are good enough!

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