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Mindfulness in a summer night.

Oh , Summer Nights ! The warm breeze, the smell of fresh cut grass, the melody of the children chasing fireflies. We all agree that Summer 2020 will be forever in our minds. . Spring was hectic with change, pain, and uncertainty. Summer followed with masks, hope, and faith. Before the pandemic, my summers used to be so busy with work and activities. My children we attended summer camp and enjoyed time with friends and fun activities. This summer was a first for all of us. It was the summer we all learned to stay still and enjoy the simple aspect of life. A couple of weeks ago I was feeling stressed with the chaos of our new life; wrapped in the pain our country is enduring. I decided that night that I needed to chase fireflies. I took my children outside and for a couple of minutes we stood stilled, breathing in the warm breeze. I asked my children to chase fireflies with their eyes and enjoy the simplicity of the moment. I don't know what troubles are tormenting you. But take a moment to stay still, feel the feeling, and enjoy the simplicity of the moment.

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