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Oh no, digital learning is back on!

Working from home has great perks. No rush hours, or struggles to find a parking spot or being late because you did not fill your tank the day before. So many benefits!!! However, when you add schooling your children to your work paradise world, it becomes very stressful. I am one of those working moms that have to balance work and child caring since the beginning of the pandemic. From helping the little one sing up to her zoom meetings to re-learning math to explain to my kiddos the Spring taught me a powerful lesson: my relationship with children is far more important than any assignment. The emotional wellbeing of my children is far more valuable than any test score. That does not mean that I let me slack on their work, yet I keep in mind that I am the mom and not the teacher. My role is to help, to support, to facilitate learning, to encourage, to provide, and to love them. As the beginning of the school, year approaches remember that you are a great mom, and this year is going to be great because they have you there to walk with them. Have fun decorating the notebooks and "the classroom". Plan special outfits for every day of the week, have lunch outside, play a board game during the lunch hour, have dance breaks, and moreover let your children know that despite the challenges your love is unfailing.

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